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Woven Memories has a range of personalised homeware and fashion accessories that reflect your story in terms of a unique design to create a truly individual product. We take your words. We then create a binary code that develops a unique design. You choose the colour palette. We then handweave to your specifications.

icon woven memories.png
creative image of a green background and purple floor, a purple plinth with green diagonal stripes. Purple keyboard with a cable connecting it to a woven memories pink and green cushion that's on top of another woven memories orange and maroon cushion on top of the plinth. The plinth has an orange plug connected with a cable that goes around another woven memories cushion. the cushion is dark and light blue.
woven memoris blue and ecru scarf hanging from a wooden pole, with light blue background.

*design your cushion or scarf using a computer; smartphones and tablets do not support our online tool yet, but we are working on it!

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